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“If you are someone who has a hunger to succeed, a passion for self-development, and a desire for the freedom and space needed to become the best version of yourself, I want to welcome you to Semi Supply. Here, we pride ourselves on a work environment conducive to nothing less than excellence, and I’m excited for a chance to share it with you.”

  • Caleb bryant
  • CEO, Semi Supply
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Grow your skillset while realizing massive potential for take home commission and career development. Jobseekers who have a passion for personal growth and building relationships, in addition to a strong sense of ownership over their work will succeed greatly in this role. New hires start off in an industry-leading training program carefully crafted by the CEO and founder of Semi Supply, and then enjoy access to ongoing support and training resources available through our internal bank of podcasts, how-to-videos, and custom-made content.



A higher risk, higher reward specialist position. Commission only specialists forgo a monthly salary in exchange for a significantly increased commission rate. Team members in this role have the potential to earn substantial profits while enjoying the same access to company resources as their salaried counterparts.

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An Office Culture Second To None

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An unrivalled training program

Semi Supply is committed to creating the most knowledgeable, skilled specialists in the industry. We take this commitment to success very seriously and in turn offer high-level, personalized training from our most experienced industry professionals to ensure every new agent is prepared to contribute and succeed on their journey.


Endless resources for continued self-development

Continuous growth is essential to happiness and prosperity. We have compiled an endless bank of informative content from podcasts to videos available to access and leverage at your leisure. Topics include top sales strategies, work-life balance, technical how-tos, investment strategies to grow wealth outside of the office, and more. Knowledge is power. Leverage the knowledge of Semi Supply.


Genuine vacation time

The transportation industry is a machine that runs 24 hours a day 365 days a year. One of the chief complaints from top performers in the industry is that ‘vacation days’ typically translate to ‘on-call’ or ‘work remote’ days. This is what happens when you are dedicated to servicing a group of customers that ship every day of the year. The solution is simple. At Semi Supply, every specialist is paired with a trusted, skilled partner who knows your role and has your back when you are ready to check out and kick back.



We believe that less is more. Here at Semi Supply, we create small groups of highly skilled employees who work in small, tight-knit teams with full accountability and responsibility over their outcomes, which translates to power and freedom to work the way you want to. You will not be clocking in here. You will not be waiting on approval from a boss’s boss or HR department for time off. Instead, you will be trusted and empowered to take responsibility for your work and grow on your own terms.



No more glass ceilings. Every specialist starts out on day 1 with a charted pathway to promotion, which includes clear and defined benchmarks, performance metrics, and targets required for advancement. If you are looking to climb, Semi Supply has a pathway paved for you.


Equity and investment opportunity

We believe that the single most rewarding, prestigious achievement possible in one’s career is proprietorship. And we think it’s a shame that more companies do not admit this. Our offering is simple, yet profound – Succeed in your role, climb the ranks, and become the best version of yourself at Semi Supply. And when the time comes, you will be rewarded with our financial backing should you decide to pioneer your own venture into the business world.

Equity and investment opportunity